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world’s oldest language

Posted 30-Nov-2020 11:50 am
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World's oldest language, still a conspiracy topic while discussing and debating. Currently, about 7117 languages are spoken all around the world. Researchers are still finding it difficult to work out which is the oldest language within the world.

In deep research, found the cuneiform script which was discovered in Mesopotamia was the earliest formed language around the 8th millennium BC.

For ages, humans used some primitive sounds and gestures as their means of communication. Structured languages were found in scriptures that were written around 10,000 years ago. Linguists declaim that a language’s archaism should be determined by its prototypic that has appeared in texts and its use at the present.

There were many languages that were originated thousands of years ago, therefore the preponderance of languages is often included within the list of ‘The Oldest Languages within the World'. There are some languages that were already extinct; some still exist for a selected purpose, while others remain in use, even when the amount of speakers is drastically reduced.

Here we will be taking through the hierarchy of latest to oldest.


Most of us relate to the terminologies of criminal cases while we hear the word ‘legal’. Perhaps, there are many sorts of documentation works need legal approval. They are,

Latin, as a chirography, was first appeared in 75 BC. There was also an Old Latin that was used before this. The subduers of the many battles that were waged on the Italian Peninsula spoke the Latin language. The Roman Empire preferred Latin as their formal language.

Thus, Latin was the origin of all the Romance languages – Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, and Romanian, and also, the number of words in modern-day English. Latin remains around. It remains a politician language within the Vatican and within Poland city. many people are still learning the Latin language. It's also taught as a course in education classes.


Armenian belongs to the Indo-European family. The very old surviving text in Armenian is the translation of the Bible that was wiped out in the 5th century. Supported the newest texts and evidence, the language seems to be originated in 450 BC.

Armenian remains a living language and its speakers are about 5 million. The people who speak Armenian are currently in Iran, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine.


The Korean language is taken into consideration together with the oldest living languages on the planet. It's an isolated language that came from Proto-Korean and Old Korean. it had been developed further into Middle Korean to Modern Korean.

The Old Korean was used during the quantity of the Three Kingdoms, where the Unified Silla was the foremost dominant. During that point China already had an influence in Korean and samples of Old Korean text used Chinese characters that were adapted to the prevailing Korean language at that point, making it difficult to decipher.

Middle Korean came into being around the 15th century, and it used Hangul, the unique Korean characters that were developed by King Sejong the good and his scholars. More distinct is Modern Korean that was established within the 17th century.

It's now spoken in South and North Korea and in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Japan, and China. it's also spoken in several communities within the U.S. and other parts of the planet. This is often one of the reasons why Korean translation services are globally in demand.


The Hebrew's first witness in writing was found around 1000 BC. The language is quite 3,000 years old. it's an old Semitic language and is claimed as Israel’s official language.

It had been termed as a holy language because it had been used mainly for religious texts. It disappeared for a time (from 200 CE to 400 CE) and made a resurgence to become the written and spoken of the Jews around the world.


The Aramaic language donated many words to Arabic and Hebrew languages. The Aramaic language declares itself within the list of a number of the oldest languages within the world supported the diplomatic documents, that were used among Aramaic states from the 10th century BC.

The varied dialects of recent Aramaic are spoken in several countries today, like Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and other countries within the West just like us, Australia, Europe and Russia. Between 579,000 and 1,000,000 people speak Aramaic as their maternal language.


The first script that appeared with Chinese characters was discovered within 1250 BC. Thus, it's quite 3,000 years old. Recently, this is often the language with the foremost number of mother-tongue speakers.

Consistent with the newest data and research, about 1.24 billion speak Chinese as their mother tongue altogether its variations and dialects. mother-tongue speakers of Chinese are located in 37 countries.

Archaic or Old Chinese was the language that was commonly utilized within the first to the middle parts of the Zhou that existed from the 11th to 7th centuries BC. Evidence of Old Chinese texts was seen inscribed on artifacts made from bronze, in Shujing (Classic of History), Shijing (Classic of Poetry) poetry, and parts of the Yijing (Classic of Changes or I-Ching).

The development of the Chinese language took thousands of years and a variety of other dynasties to end. differing types of Chinese are spoken in several parts of China. Today, Mandarin and Cantonese are the foremost prominent sorts of language.


Greek made its first emergence in 1450 BC. People around Cyprus, Albania, and Greece still speak this language. Its extensive history makes Greek one of the oldest among the languages spoken in Europe.

This language may be a branch of the Indo European language family and has about 34 centuries of documents.

The Greek alphabet on the other hand originated from the script employed by the Phoenicians. Later, it became the source of the Gothic, Coptic, Armenian, Cyrillic, and Latin systems of writing.

The Greek language has historical significance. the first versions of the epic poems Odyssey and Iliad were written in Greek. Most of the foundational works of Aristotle and Plato, logic and arithmetic, Astronomy, and other branches of science were originally written in the Greek language. Koiné Greek was utilized in writing the Christian Bible’s version of the New Testament.

The modern sort of Greek is the official language in Cyprus and Greece. it's also a politician language on the EU and speak in Greek communities around the world and in Turkey, Albania, and Italy.


Egyptian is taken into account one among the oldest languages within the world because it is already about 4,700 years old. Egyptian Tomb carries their historical writings and evidence of their civilization was over 2000 BC, In Egypt, their language is the country’s oldest language.

Proto-hieroglyphs that were found within the country dates back about 600 years before the looks of complete texts in Egyptian. It had been also around this point that written records wiped out Tamil were found.

Egyptian remains used today because of the Coptic Church’s liturgical language.


Linguist thought Sanskrit was very influential to many languages in Europe. They also believe that this language came from Tamil. Sanskrit, which is 4,000 years old (some say its 6,000 years of age), wont to be the language of the classics in India. Even now, Sanskrit remains a politician language within the Indian Peninsula despite its limited use as an everyday language.

Sanskrit first was stated from BC as per the records. The principles of the language were used during the development of the computer’s basic language. The language has a total of 49 letters and spoken in Uttarakhand, the Northern part of India.

The language combines sound vibrations and sometimes used for mantra meditation in a neighborhood that's teeming with Hindu temples.


In this Progression, Tamil would be considered as the world’s oldest language, because it's over 5,000 years old, having made its introduction in 3,000 BC. This language has vast literary works that are embellished with fine excellence. Tamil is the finest language in which holds thousands of historical paper which have clarified the culture of human existence over 5000 years ago from Keeladi.

It is believed that Tamil devised around 2500 BC. The language consists of total 247 letters It is still widely spoken and a politician language in Singapore, Canada, Sri Lanka. In India, mother-tongue speakers sleep in some 34 territories and states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry, Kerala, Delhi, Gujarat, Goa, and Assam.

There are proofs in terms of documents which are as old as the language is and they are in written documents. Many drama, grammatical, and stories of ancients humans are resourced and it need translation services to retrieve the

Other Details

Several more languages could still make it to the present list. Arabic for instance happened in 512 CE and is spoken in several countries within the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, and Jordan.

Lithuanian is another old language that has some similarities with Sanskrit. it's still spoken by quite three million people in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

It is actually difficult to figure out which languages are the oldest and a variety of other linguistic scholars lament the scarcity of evidence to make concrete conclusions.

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