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Importance of South Indian language translation services for business

Posted 4-Jan-2021 06:00 pm
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Translation services are spreading its need on a large scale the top companies are recognizing its requirement for converting their content in Indian regional languages. The companies are addressing their customers' needs in their tongue language by translating their message.

If you are having a conversation with a man in a common language between you two, it is understandable by him. But if you talk with him in his regional language, it goes right through his heart. This small strategy is the difference between conversations.

Many politicians follow this strategy to influence their audience by creating a relationship or bonding with them. When they appeal in their local language, it increases the weight of the words and helps gather votes or, in some cases, attention. Similarly is the case when branding.

The primary purpose of branding is to build an emotional connection with its customer to respond appropriately. The brand that focuses on an emotional connection with their customer enjoys long-term benefits. This benefit increases many folds it is done in the local language. Now when you have understood the local language's power, let's focus on using the South Indian language on your website and how it can help your business. The different industry has benefit if they target the South Indian audience; this is how :

It is the biggest e-commerce market

It is a well-known fact that South India is the hub of IT business and the literacy rate is also higher compared to other parts of India. So as technology is increasing, people are shifting to online shopping. The south Indians prefer to buy goods and services online instead of spending time in retail stores.
Like every other customer, they search about the products and features online and are more attracted to those written in their regional or local language. A study led by KPMG consultancy with 4600 urban citizens and 2450 rural people found that about 70 percent of south Indians consider regional language digital information more reliable than English-only content.

Targeting south Indians can be beneficial for companies

It can help companies because South Indians are more loyal customers than any other customer in India. The India Retail Forum (IRF) hosted a conference where they shared that the south Indian buyers are likely to repeat sales if they found the site genuine and build a connection with them. It's an essential point for companies who want to spread their brand image and maintain their customer base.

The massive market in India

If you are targeting India to expand your business, you need to convert all your website content into a regional language. Especially South Indian language as 8 percent of south Indian prospect means eighty million opportunities, a massive number for any industry. The multinational companies put importance on hiring South Indian Language Translator so that their message comes in the right way to the right audience.

Different companies have different strategies when it comes to building their brand image or expanding their business. One of the primary methods is promoting their content in the regional or local language. As the content with local language has a more significant impact on people.

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Advantage of the local language in business

Some of the advantages of using the local language are mentioned for you down here:

Business can increase their target audience. If we only talk about South India, it has a population of 252 million so imagine the reach when you promote your content in another local language. Reaching your customers in other languages will be more beneficial as they will find you more trusting and reliable.

Even if the audience knows English, they feel more connected and attached to their culture. You can get an emotional response when targeted in a regional language. South Indian people love their culture, they do everything possible to promote it, and when you approach them in their local language, they feel bonded and likely to convert.

India is still developing in technology, and many people still don't use technology as they don't feel it trusting. So targeting them through local language can be an excellent approach. Many cannot be reached through common or global language, so getting them requires local tongue language.

India is still developing in technology, and many people still don't use technology as they don't feel it trusting. So targeting them through local language can be an excellent approach. Many cannot be reached through common or global language, so getting them requires local tongue language.

How can language affect?

Same as passion, language is also a double-edged sword. If you use it too much, it can worsen the situation, and if not used, you cannot grow your business. When measure India is growing fast when it comes to economies, it measures 15 percent worldwide growth. If you want to seize every growth opportunity in every corner of India, you must localize your business website.

The future internet users are expected to grow to about 536 million in 2021, a massive figure. According to Google and KPMG report, most of them are local language user, and half of them are South Indian language user.

It is a massive audience now the question arises whether your company wants to ignore or lead this audience to your competitors? I think it is an obvious no. Many Indians also interpret false meaning when read in the English language; they might understand the opposite meaning of a particular sentence. So to avoid such miscommunication, it is advisable to translate it to them in their local language. Especially when you want to promote a specific slogan, it should be done in the local language. If you're going to solve the problem of Tamil Nadu by offering a product, you need a motto in their regional language.


South Indians have a habit of using technology in their daily life. From purchasing to time pass, they prefer doing their work from phones or laptop. It's a developing culture in them, and targeting them through their language can be a good move. But make sure you are taking professional help. You don't want to drive away your customer by giving them the wrong message. So always prefer contacting translation business professional.

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