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impact of translation services on your business

Posted 30-Nov-2020 11:50 am
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NNB Translation Services

Translation services have a huge impact on your business as technology captures more market. As businesses are expected to expand overseas, these services have become a vital role in inching the process.

There are almost 7117 languages are widely used in Globe. In which, 23 languages are spoken and written by more than half of the total population. Even in India, there are many regional languages, and people in rural will be aware of only regionals.

You can't just rely on local business as the competition heading up. When moving out of the comfort zone boundary, more languages will be used in business development.

Have you noticed companies like Amazon, Flipkart promote their products in regional languages? We humans will be happy if a big brand shows a banner in our native language. There begins a wide market for your services and products across dimensions.

This is common across the globe, it is needed to know the business language of the locality, and there plays a major role by translation service agencies or companies.

benefits of translation services in business

There many unmet needs across the globe in serving people. As a result, the world economy shifts itself towards globalization. Our country import some good which is not possible to produce in our country, and export the goods that the other one needs.

In this transaction, there plays a major role in language.

Indian's can't understand the Chinese language and vice versa.

In the same way, the peripheral part of India will be a lack of global languages like English, Greek, etc.

So, we at NNB Transtech will play a crucial role in transforming your business in any part of the world.

Let us give you a brief idea of how our service will be benefiting your business,

Global Brand Recognition

Many companies have started focusing on, how to lead global products or brands. Let us assume if a company which is the best producer of Ginger in Mizoram.

A company doesn't get benefit only by producing, it has to be marketed. If the company lacks in multi-language skills, they can only sell in Mizoram or they will sell to a distributor. Hence, the distributor will export to multiple countries and enjoy the profits.

So, translation services companies like us will play a major role in handling the language-related issues. You can export with legal documents and agreements with multiple companies overseas.

This way, there will be a chance of becoming a brand in ginger over the globe.

Increase Conversion Rate

We all know that in every business dealings, communication plays a vital role. If there is a disturbance in handling the customer's language, the chance of missing out on the deal is higher.

In dealing with more conversion rates may be a business deal or a product sale, our services will helping to bridge the gap.

Even if we promote our products in all regions, the conversion rate is what will decide our profit margin.

Business Expansion

s we were documenting earlier in this article, you will be entitled to expand your business. The service which we offer will be an optimistic tool for taking your business towards 360 degrees.

Translation service helps your business to break the barrier and create a path for tapping the untapped markets. The business will be like a cakewalk once you overcome and start attracting international clients.

Your business will be seeing vibrant growth once you expand it. As there are many digital mediums now available the cost of investments will be less.

Improves Communication with Global Clients

Every client will be looking for a professional way of communication. That too in their official language.

Why Google has many official languages on its premises?

The only reason behind this is to attract customers over the world. They are aiming in reaching out to promote local business globally. Their initiation has started in India by an investment of 75000 Cr INR. This will make even a small business in a village to the silicon valley.

In total, the communication builds up better engagement and client's satisfaction.

What We Offer In Translation Service

NNB Transtech has 15+ years of cherished experience where benefited many industries with 4000+ projects. Our company has almost 300 certified translators to work upon 150+ languages of the world.

We provide the best quality in the industries, with 100% on-time delivery. We confirm to keep our client's data at high secure

We have touched various industries like,


Law farms

Corporates Firm,



Publishers, etc

Get your Contents translated in multiple languages.


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