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Posted 29-Dec-2020 06:00 pm
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NNB Translation Services

In the current world, there is an emerging need for translation services in many fields of business. After all, the world is more globalized now, and nations and industries share their information. Also, many people take the help of translation agencies or freelance translators to help them with speech translation during meetings.

The publishing world too needs the help of translators highly. Altogether, it is very important to choose the right services, and there are some points you should focus on to find one. They are mentioned hereafter.

Cultural knowledge

Believe it or not, translation is not just about knowing the basics of another language and grammar. When you are talking in your native language, you would notice that some words have various connotations. Sure, you may say one thing, but some words and phrases are different based on the culture.

So, the translator needs to know of these differences to give you the best experience.

For example, the local French would say something in a different meaning and add colloquial terms. A non-French person would not do so. Therefore, you should choose a translator who understands the culture behind the language they are translating.

Certainly, besides the basics, one's intricate knowledge of the language separates the best from the mediocre. So, keep that in mind.


When choosing translation services, keep in mind that you should take help from a certified agency mainly. Yes, some native speakers provide translation services and they are good at it. However, just because someone is a native speaker, that does not mean they are professional experts.

Companies need to hire someone who is certified to translate in the concern of document translation. Therefore, you need to check if a translation agency has such qualifications.

Indeed, the best translation experts would know the local language and how the business works too. They can then give a more fulfilling service.

Number of languages

More often than not, a company that needs translation services is not dealing with only one language. They have to work for many international clients and each may have documents in their own native language. Thus, it is best to look for a translator that knows Foreign languages

Of course, you can make do with someone who understands only two languages. That is, if you generally deal with only those two, for example, Spanish and German. But, choosing someone who knows more is a forward-thinking move.

After all, your company may expand into other markets later on. Or, you may come across clients who have urgent files they need a translation of. And they are working only with you.

In such a situation, if the translation agency you are working with already has multilingual experts, it would save time. And you do not have to associate with other agencies later on; only one is enough.


Yes, we have already established that you need to rely on certified translation experts of the language and service. But "expertise" does not only end there. One needs to have a good experience too, in different branches of translation work.

For example, you may have needed a translator for a book review and that is why you hired an agency. They are good at it and you gave them more books to review and translate. A few times, you need to handle legal document translation too, so you give that to them, too.

After all, they are skilled and they have shown you good work. But, on this, they stumble and the translated work they give you is not well done. Since they are not expert in the other types of translation, they faltered. While it is understandable, in reality, there is no scope for error when you are conducting business.

So, you would suffer a loss.

Instead, you should choose an experienced translator who has seen and worked in different fields. That would benefit you.


A lot of the people who give translation services charge high but provide mediocre work. So, you should keep a note of that from the very beginning. Doing prior research and contacting references would help.

Also, sometimes, the translation agencies genuinely do good work but their charges are too high. Hence, you should shortlist the translation agencies you are interested in after reading their quotes. Then, you need to select one who provides good service at a reasonable price.

Turnaround time

One of the most important constraints that businesses have to deal with is the turnaround time. Indeed, deadlines can make or break a deal, and you should work with someone who respects that. Accordingly, ask the translators what turnaround time they can work with.

The best agencies would surely work within the deadline and in case of any delay, they respect penalty clauses. Without a doubt, this is a very professional attitude. And it also shows that they have the right resources for the job to produce quality content. On the other hand, agencies that work with freelancers would not stick to deadlines.

To weed out the good ones from the bad, notice this carefully.

Localization abilities

A translator must have good localization capabilities when translating a document. So that they can understand which parts to focus on more carefully. And then, in their translated work, they would highlight that message faithfully.

Not to mention, with this ability, they would know what to omit out too. This is important so as not to offend the readers. That is if the translation shows something that is not acceptable in their culture.

Editing prowess

Editing and translating are very important in a translation agency, as both these tasks are very closely related. To specify, after the translators give the translated work, some grammatical errors may still exist. An editor would review and correct them; so choose an agency that provides both.


Overall, you should carefully consider these concerns when you are choosing a translator. The best agencies would give you all of these benefits, or at least most of them. So, research them well and then make your choice.

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